Mean High Water Line questions are answered by a surveying professional [PREMIUM]

GEOMATICS/SURVEYING PROFESSIONAL Dr. Nicholas DiGruttolo suggested this diagram as a good illustration of the Mean High Water Line (MHWL) location. He indicated that the “mean high tide line” referred to in the diagram is synonymous with “mean high water line.” However, DiGruttolo cautioned that the diagram perpetuates the most common misconception about the MHWL---that the MHWL is determined by the edge of the “wet beach.” “Many of the high tides will be well below or above the MHWL,” he commented, adding that the MHWL “cannot be determined by looking at the water on any one day.” (Source of illustration: Florida Sea Grant,
By DOTTY NIST Is it determined by the wet sand on the beach, an average of the high water mark
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