DeFuniak Springs orthopedic manufacturer addresses community needs and being part of a solution

BRYAN KILBEY, PRESIDENT and CEO of PPI, in front of one of their three manufacturing plants in DeFuniak Springs.

Story and photo by STACY MARTIN 

Located in DeFuniak Springs, Professional Products, Inc. (PPI), the makers of Ezy Wraps are addressing community needs and changing focus, creating a Microbe Safe Mask in an attempt to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). PPI is a medical device manufacturer that was established in 1963, making orthopedic, sports medicine, post and pre-operative, antimicrobial devices. Overall, PPI manufactures 18,000 different healthcare products and went vertical in the 1980s where they do their own knitting and weaving. 

In today’s new world, PPI saw a need explicitly where surgeries being canceled and lives of those on the front lines of this virus battle, are at risk due to a lack of facial masks needed to prevent exposure of the virus. With the use of a patented antimicrobial product, which permanently bonds to fabrics and hard surfaces, PPI moved forward working in three-shift operations to produce a unique one-of-a-kind reusable, antimicrobial mask. 


These masks, as well as the other antimicrobial products created by PPI, are effective against Influenza A virus H1N1, which is a surrogate of COVID-19. Killing several types of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and algae, eliminating them as soon as they make contact to a treated surface, reducing surface contamination by 99.9 percent. This antimicrobial solution is FDA and EPA registered and has been tested by NAMSA, a medical research organization. 

Starting with the safety of its employees, PPI has used its antimicrobial spray on all desks, surface tops, and computers. “This company is creating a safe-haven for its employees,” states Bryan Kilbey, president and CEO of PPI. Once the products are fully manufactured, PPI will begin distribution starting with their own employees and their immediate families, then out to local officials, including the police and sheriff’s departments, EMS, firefighters, hospitals, healthcare professionals and nursing homes. After they have meet the local needs, they will then move out through the orders throughout the nation. 

The company’s General Manager, Dean Stanton, says that employees of PPI are supportive and cheering the opportunity to help first responders, nurses, and doctors, many volunteering to work double shifts to help the company shift gears, preparing to complete 20,000 to 30,000 products a day.

PPI is also looking out to partner with other manufactures for making parts because “The magic is in the coating, we are the only place in the world that can coat the products,” says Kilbey. “And we just recognize that we can be a part of the solution.” 

More information forthcoming on products and supplies, a breakdown of the chemical bonding and the way the product works can be found on the website,