BCC holds first meeting with two new board members

THE WALTON COUNTY Board of County Commissioners met for the first time on Nov. 16 with two newly-elected board members. From left: District 5 Commissioner Tony Anderson, District 3 Commissioner Mike Barker, District 2 Commissioner Danny Glidewell, District 1 Commissioner Boots McCormick, and BCC Chairman/District 4 Commissioner Trey Nick. (Photo courtesy of Walton County Public Information.


The Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) convened on Nov. 16 at the Walton County Courthouse for a special organizational meeting, the BCC’s first meeting for District 1 Commissioner Boots McCormick and District 3 Commissioner Mike Barker.

McCormick and Barker had been sworn into office less than an hour earlier. They were welcomed by their fellow commissioners, including District 5 Commissioner Tony Anderson, who had been re-elected for a new term in the 2020 General Election.

First on the agenda for the brief meeting was the selection of a chair and vice chair. District 4 Commissioner Trey Nick was elected chairman on a motion by Anderson.

Anderson also motioned to approve District 2 Commissioner Danny Glidewell as vice chairman. However, Glidewell declined and motioned to approve Barker as vice chairman. His motion was approved unanimously.

There were few changes to board and committee assignments for the five districts, with some decisions on these assignments postponed.

Approved unanimously was a motion by Glidewell to appoint two north Walton County representatives to the Walton County Tourist Development Council (TDC) in connection with the approved expansion of the Tourist Development Tax countywide on March 1. These representatives were DeFuniak Springs City Councilman Todd Bierbaum and Freeport City Councilman Eddie Farris.

The commissioners also approved a BCC representative to take over the county commission seat on the TDC, as Nick had stated that he would be “coming off” the TDC. Anderson voiced willingness to sit on the TDC, and his appointment to that board was approved unanimously.

“We look forward to working with you,” Walton County Administrator Larry Jones told the two new commissioners as the meeting concluded.