WCSB approves annual financial report at special meeting

SLIDE SHOWING the general fund total revenue by category for fiscal year 2018-19. (courtesy of the Walton County School District)


On Sept. 10, the Walton County School Board (WCSB) held a special meeting at the Tivoli Administrative Complex in DeFuniak Springs. Walton County School District (WCSD) Chief Financial Officer Stephanie Hofheinz presented to the board the annual financial report for fiscal year 2018-2019 for discussion and a request for approval. 

The total revenue for the general fund is $94,098,233. For total general fund expenditures by object  — salaries and benefits was 76% of the expenditures and totaled $69,085,654. Contracted/Purchased Services totaled $12,519,605 was 14% of the general fund expenditures. Energy Services (fuel/utilities) was 3% and totaled $2,764,233. Materials & Supplies was 4% and totaled $3,315,972. Capital Outlay was one percent and totaled $437,610. “Other” expenditures are 2% of the general fund expenditures and totaled $1,686,967. Total general fund expenditures are $89,810,031. Total revenue for Food Service is $3,800,71. Total Food Service expenditures were $3,667,807. Federal projects total revenue was $5,323,538. Regarding debt service activity, the total revenue/transfers were $6,993,905. 

The board approved the annual financial report for fiscal year 2018-19.