Walton County Snowbird news

From Tom Mahar

The Walton County Snowbird club is gearing up for its 29th season on the Emerald Coast. Club president, Karen Moosekian and fellow members of the board of directors expect to welcome new and returning snowbirds when the first registration occurs between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Monday Nov. 19 at Faith Assembly Fellowship Hall located at 306 South Geronimo, a great place to catch up with old friends or make new ones. “No snowbird who seeks friends and companionship need go without so long as the Walton County Snowbird Club exists,” promises past-co-president Mike Krueger who along with co-president Bruce Blundell, guided the club’s affairs during the past season.

“The snowbird club operates entirely with unpaid volunteers,” adds Karen Moosekian, “We’re always on the lookout for those special people who contribute their energy and talent for the benefit of themselves and others.”

She reported the club’s activity roster continues to ring with excitement as members add new activities while the club maintains those that have enjoyed long popularity such as basketball, bicycling, bowling, tennis, fishing, and aerobic exercise classes. Any golf? You bet! Two leagues plus special events, golf deals and even a tournament. Don’t miss this!

Mental stimulation aplenty awaits those in the arts and crafts departments, book discussions groups, bridge club, the creative writing workshop, a general discussion group, a computer club, and bus trips to Biloxi where members may test their theories of probability in local casinos. Singers may raise their voices in joyful harmony among the Snowbird Singers where Friday practice sessions lead to two public concerts each season.

Looking to avoid adding a notch to your belt or maybe raising your heart rate a point or two? Then turn your attention to both the exercise and dancing activities. Dancing comes in all sizes at the Walton County Snowbirds: line dancing, ballroom dancing and even dancing with an international flavor. Lessons are included.

Just how much does one pay to enjoy all the above activities and more? Ten bucks, that’s it, for an entire season of excitement and enrichment! Members and prospective members can keep current at the club’s website http://www.waltoncountysnowbirds.com or visit in person at Faith Assembly Fellowship Hall. It is also where committee chairs and others wait to counsel members, new and old, on activities or to enroll volunteers for leadership positions of which there are usually plenty to go around.

Membership registration occurs again on Dec. 3. In addition, registration will take place at the first General Meeting which takes place on Dec. 5 at Destin United Methodist Church 200 Beach Drive beginning at 10 a.m. Early birds will have a chance to mix and mingle while examining vendors’ tables before the fun begins…fun includes enjoying the musical talents of Michael J. Thomas whose catchy melodies and invigorating grooves are sure to raise the mood of all who gather for this pre-holiday music fiesta.

Jim Newell and his gang of jolly volunteers will be on hand to assist returning snowbirds who wish to claim items from the club’s storage facility located at Affordable Storage…114 Sugar Drive. (One mile east of 30A on Highway 98 …south side). Dates and collection hours are available at http://www.waltoncountysnowbirds.com/activities.html (Select Storage). Those who care to volunteer may call Jim at (423) 322-3273 or email him at newcheez@hotmail.com

Tom Mahar writes for the Walton County Snowbirds. Reach him at tkmahar@aol.com. For Snowbird information, www.waltoncountysnowbirds.com