TRC advances RV park proposal, plat requests, and subdivision lot reduction

LOCATION MAP for Next Adventure RV Park (project no. MIN23-000014), a proposal presented at the Feb. 7 Walton County Technical Review Committee meeting.


The Walton County Technical Review Committee (TRC) has moved forward a proposal for an RV park south of Freeport, four plat requests, and a proposed reduction of lots for a phase of the Quail Run Planned Unit Development (PUD) near Bruce.

The actions took place at a regular meeting of the committee on Feb. 7 at Freeport Commons.

Next Adventure RV Park

Next Adventure RV Park is a request on behalf of HWY 3280, L.L.C., to develop 26 RV pads, a clubhouse, office and bath house on 11.25 acres on the south side of CR-3280, approximately 2.7 miles east of the U.S. 331/CR-3280 intersection, south of Freeport.

The property is in a Rural Residential future land use area and a Rural Village Zoning District.

According to the project staff report, primary and secondary wetland zones have been identified on the property with no proposed impacts.

Renee Bradey, acting TRC chair, observed that reviewer comments were yet to be received from Walton County Fire Rescue and from Walton County Environmental. Walton County Engineering had indicated that a sidewalk would be required by county code adjacent to the property line on CR-3280. It has not been included in the plans. Bradley said it would be necessary to determine if a sidewalk buy-out would be appropriate for the location.

Per the staff report: “Based on comments from the Health Department, each recreational vehicle space shall contain a minimum of 1,200 square feet which would make this a major development.”

Bradley said that based on discussion with the planning director she thought there should be additional discussion with the Walton County Health Department on the latter.

Being deemed a major as opposed to a minor development would require a different review and approval process with a Walton County Planning Commission hearing and final consideration by the Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC).

Speaking for the applicants, engineer Curtis Smith was confident of being able to address all remaining reviewer comments. He also said he had spoken with fire officials and that the roads in the park had been designed to a size to allow for routing of fire vehicles within the park, plus a fire hydrant had been added, addressing the officials’ concerns.

The committee members voted to move the request forward on the condition of any outstanding reviewer comments being satisfied and clarification by the planning director as to whether the project is deemed a major or minor development. If the project is determined to be minor, the director’s decision on development order issuance is to be the final step for the project.

Powell Landing at Watersound Phase 1A Replat

After the Next Adventure RV Park, the remainder of the agenda items presented consisted of a subdivision phase revision and plat requests, which involve plans for the setting out of lots and other features in previously-approved developments.

The first of the plat requests was the Powell Landing at Watersound Phase 1A Replat.

Powell Landing at Watersound Phase 1A Replat is a request on behalf of The Watersound Company, L.L.C., to replat lots 1 though 17 and lots 38 through 53 for lot line adjustments on 46.44 acres located north of U.S. 98 within the southeastern Walton County Watersound Origins development. 

Introducing the request, Rosanna Edwards of Walton County Planning and Development Services clarified that no additional land was being proposed to be added to the subdivision phase as part of the request.

The committee members approved the request to move forward to the next stage, final consideration by the Walton County Board of County Commissioners BCC. This was on the conditions of a prepared mylar being furnished to be provided to the BCC and all outstanding reviewer comments being addressed.

Longleaf Park Phase 1 Replat

Longleaf Park Phase I Replat is also a request on behalf of the Watersound Company, L.L.C. and consists of the replatting for lot line adjustments of lots 27-53 on 25.31 acres within Longleaf Park, also part of Watersound Origins.

This request was also approved to advance to BCC consideration on the condition of the county receiving a prepared mylar to be provided to the BCC and all reviewer comments being satisfied.

Overlook at Inlet Beach Plat

Also to move forward to BCC consideration on the same conditions, by vote of the committee, is the Overlook at Inlet Beach Plat, a request on behalf of ROC Interests, L.L.C.  to plat a three-lot subdivision on 1.1 or 1.25 acres at the east end and on the north side of Walton Magnolia Lane near the gulf in Inlet Beach. There is to be a determination on the acreage by planning staff.

Representing the applicants, engineer David Smith noted that the three-lot subdivision plat is consistent with The Overlook at Inlet Beach development order. The development order had been issued in June 2023, according to the staff report for the request.

Quail Run Phase 1A Revisions

Quail Run Phase IA Revisions is a request to reduce the number of lots in Phase 1A of the Quail Run PUD, with detailed plans for Quail Run Phase 1A having been approved in August 2023 for 58.08 acres east of U.S 331 and on the north side of SR-20 near Bruce.

The request, on behalf of Hathaway Real Estate Investments, L.L.C., was to reduce the number of lots on the 58.08 acres from the previously-approved 124 to 113 and to increase average lot size from 4,500 square feet to 53,350 square feet.

The committee voted to advance the request, considered a minor development proposal, to a final determination by the planning director. This was on the condition of receipt of any reviewer comments not yet provided and satisfaction of any outstanding comments.

Avid Storage Plat

The final agenda item presented is the Avid Storage Plat, a request on behalf of Move It Fund II Santa Rosa Beach, L.L.C., to plat three commercial lots and infrastructure on 7.90 acres on the north side of U.S. 98 West, east of Veteran Road and and west of the Publix Shopping Center in Santa Rosa Beach.

According to the project staff report, a development order had been issued for property containing the 7.90 acres in September 2022 for 92,037 square feet of mini storage, 7,000 square feet of fast food restaurant and 4,000 square feet of medical office in two phases.

The plat request was approved to move forward to BCC consideration upon receipt of the mylar and satisfaction of all outstanding reviewer comments.

Continued and removed agenda items

Continued to the Feb. 21 TRC meeting were two agenda items, Inlet Beach COW (cell tower on wheels) and Walton County Central Landfill Waste Transfer Facility.

Continued to the March 6 TRC meeting was the Villages of Santa Rosa Plat.

Another  agenda item, Tri-State Christian Camp, was removed from the agenda at the request of the applicants, with plans for resubmittal in a different manner.