Technical Review Committee moves car wash, warehouse, and condos forward

SOUTH ELEVATION design for Otto’s Carwash SoWal, one of the projects approved to move forward at the May 6 Walton County Technical Review Committee meeting.


Otto’s Carwash SoWal, Alys Beach Buildings 9 and 10 condominiums, and the Nextgen Properties showroom and warehouse cleared the Walton County Technical Review Committee (TRC) May 6 meeting with favorable votes.

The meeting took place at Freeport Business Park.

Otto’s Carwash Sowal

Otto’s Carwash Sowal is proposed for 2.37 acres at the northwest corner of U.S. 98 and Don Bishop Road in Santa Rosa Beach. The property is in a Mixed Use land use area and a Village Mixed Use zoning classification.

With all aye votes, the TRC voted to move the project forward. Since the property is on the U.S. 98 Scenic Corridor, the next step for review will be the Walton County Scenic Corridor Design Review Board. The proposal will then undergo public hearings with the Walton County Planning Commission and the Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) and a final decision by the BCC.

Alys Beach Buildings 9 and 10

The Alys Beach Buildings 9 and 10 minor development proposal was requested on behalf of EBSCO Gulf Coast Development. The project consists of 13 condominiums and associated infrastructure proposed for the southwest corner of Sea Garden Street and Seabright Lane in the Alys Beach subdivision.

The TRC voted to move the project forward to development order issuance.

Nextgen Properties, L.L.C., Showroom and Storage Warehouse

The Nextgen Properties, L.L.C., Showroom and Storage Warehouse minor development proposal on behalf of Brian Rushing consisted of an 1,800-square-foot commercial metal building to be used as an office and warehouse. The quarter-acre project site is located on the west side of Bay Grove Boulevard, approximately 950 feet north of the U.S. 331/Bay Grove Boulevard intersection, south of Freeport.

Subject to an update of the staff report and site plan, this proposed minor development was approved to move forward to development order issuance.

Dollar General

Dollar General 21566, a minor development, had been approved by the TRC in February but was required to be brought back for a vote. This was as a result of the required notification sign not having posted before the TRC hearing was held.

At one point during the meeting, Walton County Planning and Development Services Director Mac Carpenter explained that the county is now requiring notification signs to be posted before development proposals are heard by the TRC.

The location for Dollar General 21566 is the southeast corner of Hwy. 90 and Norwood Road in the DeFuniak Springs area. This is to be a 9,100-square-foot store.

The project was approved with all aye votes to move to development order issuance.

Withdrawn and continued agenda items

Legacy City Homes Rezoning was withdrawn at the request of the applicants.

A number of agenda items were continued to future TRC meetings.

Continued to the May 20 TRC meeting were Sandestin Mini Golf & Ferris Wheel, Dirt Investment Pole Barn, and Mack Bayou Development.

The Great Southern Yacht Small Scale Amendment (SSA), the Sweetwater Lane RV Park, and Wood Spring Suites were continued to the June 3 TRC meeting.  

Continued to the July 1 TRC meeting was the Chautauqua Solar Energy Facility.