State files nol pros in Runge case

Mark Runge

The State Attorney’s Office has filed a nolle prosequi (an agreement not to prosecute, also called a nol pros) in the case of Mark Runge, owner of AA Auto Salvage and Recycling in Mossy Head. The nol pros was filed in Circuit Court following Runge’s successful compliance with a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) that was signed by the Assistant State Attorney on Jan. 3, 2017.
The original prosecution alleged 134 counts of failure to keep required vehicle records available for request by law enforcement. Runge maintains that he has always complied with the law, and that he had properly filed records for all vehicles concerned in the allegations.
That DPA required Runge to have no violations of the law during the one-month period of the agreement, to waive his right to a speedy trial, and to “continue to comply with record keeping procedures and providing records to the appropriate authorities pursuant to Florida Statutes.”
Those conditions having been successfully completed the nol pros was filed Feb. 6, 2017, and the case closed.
Runge has said that the arrest resulted in economic loss to his business, and he is reportedly considering legal action to recoup those losses.
“Since 2008 when we began in the scrap business we have done everything in our power to comply with the law,” said Runge. “AA Auto Salvage and Recycling have been a healthy part of the community for years and plan to remain that way for the future.”