South Walton Mosquito Control Board talks plants, expenditures and insurance 


The South Walton Mosquito Control District board held its regular meeting on May 18, 2023. All three commissioners were in attendance. Chairman Doug Liles – Seat 1, Steve Young – Seat 2, and Kristine Faulk – Seat 3. 

Chairman Liles said that he had retrieved some of the plants that had been discarded after the ditches had been cleaned out and had transported them to a bioswale. Many of them survived. They were native to the area and work to remove nitrogen. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is interested in how successful this project is and is considering cloning the procedure to other areas. There was discussion as to how and how many of the plants would be removed, and to where. 

There was a lengthy discussion about whether the employee insurance covered prescriptions and who paid for them. There are three plans; two of them have prescription coverage at a 10 to 15% increase in cost. They said that the county had the coverage. 

Liles questioned who received the late fee charges from the property taxes. It was not known but will be investigated. 

The budget for the month of April included an expenditure for drone software at $1,700 and assistance by Leading Edge on a waiver for FAA for the drone. Fuel costs increased to $2,701 this month due to additional driving with night spray missions. $12,569 was spent for the chemical to cover more than 630 sites. They maintain 44 ditches. 

Kevin Kussro, representing Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust, was present to answer  questions the commissioners may have. “The company will pay up to $100,000 per occurrence arising out of or attributable to inverse condemnation; … arising out of or caused or contributed to by any subsidence, erosion or earth movement.” There was a 23.9% increase in charges due to increased payroll.