South Walton Little League to receive funding toward new batting cages

ESTIMATE OF FUNDING needed for South Walton Little League batting cages.


One could almost feel the atmosphere shift at the Board of County Commissioners meeting on Dec. 28 as six Little League players entered the chamber. The normally serious business meeting quickly turned into one of lighthearted affection and obvious pride in the county’s children.

South Walton Little League (SWLL) is in desperate need of additional batting cages. Often, when they show up to practice, all of the fields are full.

The young ball players received a basic civics lesson, i.e., ask and you shall receive. At least that was the case this time; Commissioners Boots McCormick and Tony Anderson stepped up to contribute the necessary funds for the project

South Walton Little League to receive funding toward new batting cages

Commissioner McCormick will allocate $50,000 of his district’s recreational plat fees. Commissioner Anderson will allocate $15,000 from his district’s recreational plat fees. Peter Russell also stepped up to make a $5,000 donation to the league.

Tyler Boyer, Vice President of South Walton Little League gave an emotional thank you to the Commissioners, as did Travis Hamilton, a coach and Board Member for SWLL.

Hamilton noted there are about 1,000 area children in this program, and there are 800 new registrations for the coming season. They have approximately 1,500 practices coming up.

The batting cages will be constructed at the County’s new South Walton Sports Complex located behind Dune Lakes Elementary School on U.S. 98.

The county will be installing two batting tunnels, one between each of the three fields.  They will also be adding two t-ball fields.

South Walton Little League promotes the virtues of character, courage and loyalty. The program is designed to keep youth active and help them develop into super citizens.