Roll Call Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Sept. 13 regular meeting [PREMIUM]

Commissioners in attendance at the meeting were Mike Barker, Boots McCormick and Trey Nick. Tony Anderson was not in attendance due to illness, and Danny Glidewell was out of town.

A yes vote was to approve the motion.

Request by Mark Martin on behalf of the city of Freeport for an updated interlocal agreement with the county providing for an additional level of services from the county, the addition of pothole repair to existing road shoulder repair of drop-offs not to exceed an area 12 inches to the edge of pavement, with the city to be responsible for all material, labor and equipment cost associated with the additional services.

This was described as the county essentially serving as a contractor to provide this work for the city, not to include full maintenance of city roads by the county, with all requests to come through the city manager’s office. The request was due to insufficient staff at present for the city to keep up with these needs. The request was with the understanding that the county would continue to keep the city’s portion of the gas tax.

A motion for approval by McCormick carried 3-0.

Request by Tony Cornman, interim county administrator, to schedule and advertise a public hearing for Sept. 27 at the South Walton Annex to consider amendments to the Walton County Animal Services Ordinance No. 2008-24 as requested by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO).

A motion by Nick to approve the public hearing carried 3-0.

Request by Cornman on behalf of the WCSO to approve and authorize the BCC chairman to sign a letter of affirmation authorizing the WCSO to apply for grant funding from Walmart and the Walmart Foundation.

A motion for approval by Nick carried 3-0.

Request by Cornman to purchase a 0.269-acre lot located next to the Beaver Lake Dam Park, Oakwood Hills, at a cost of $20,000. The request, as explained by Barker, was to provide better visibility for the park from the road and to facilitate repairs and renovations to the park.

There was a motion for approval by McCormick. Following input from legal counsel, the motion was amended to specify that the purchase would be exempted from the appraisal process (as allowable per county policy as a purchase not exceeding $100,000). The exemption was considered desirable due to the current high cost of appraisals.

The motion was approved 3-0.

Request by Jeff Goldberg, Walton County Emergency Management director to approve and authorize the BCC chairman to sign a resolution proclaiming September 2022 as National Preparedness Week.

A motion for approval by McCormick carried 3-0.

Request by Nathan Kervin, Walton County Human Resources director, to schedule individual county commissioner interviews with the county administrator candidates as recently presented by Sarah McKee, senior vice president of GovHR, the search firm enlisted by the county. Candidates to be interviewed included Alan S Braithwaite, Dale T. Dougherty, James D. Drumm, Brian Geoghegan, Rick Rudometkin, and Caros Tobar.

There was a motion by Nick to schedule the interviews.

The motion was approved 3-0.

Request by Greg Graham of Walton County Public Works to approve and authorize the BCC chairman to sign a change order to contract with RBM Contracting Service on the Grady Brown Park Phase III Improvements (seawall modifications) to increase the contract time by 30 days due to crew for the project currently being utilized on a count drainage project on San Juan Avenue, with substantial completion on Grady Brown Park project anticipated for mid-March. The park project had previously been suspended until Sept. 12 to allow use of the park by the public during peak season

There was a motion by McCormick to extend the contract time as requested.

The motion was approved 3-0.

Request by Graham to accept ranking by staff of 12 top firms responding to the county’s request for qualifications (RFQ) for continuing engineering services and authorize staff to begin negotiations to provide these services to the county.

A motion for approval by McCormick carried 3-0,

Update and request for direction by Graham on potential shared-use trail system for horse riding, hiking and non-motorized vehicles on 460-acre county-owned property in the area of the Walton County Landfill.

Following BCC and staff discussion and public comment, approved 3-0 was a motion by Nick to table the time to allow time for a community meeting to receive input from residents on the trail proposal.

Request by Matt Algarin, Walton County tourism director, to reject all bids received in response to the Walton County Tourism Department’s request for proposals (RFP) for public relations services to the department. This was due to all proposals having been found to be non-compliant with terms of the RFP. The request included re-advertising the RFP with the goal of awarding a public relations contract before the expiration of the existing one at the end of October.

There was a motion by McCormick to approve rejecting all proposals and authorize re-advertising the RFP.

The motion was approved 3-0.

Request by Brian Kellenberger, Walton County beach operations director, to approve change order for the Scenic Gulf Drive Regional Beach Access Project with Poly, Inc., extending the construction performance period for the contract for 75 days.

A motion by McCormick to approve the change order carried 3-0.

Request by Kellenberger to approve $18,600 change order on the Seagrove Beach Regional Beach Access for additional structural design services to provide engineering documents requested by Walton County Planning and Development Services for a retaining wall to be constructed on the east side of the beach access property.

There was a motion by McCormick to approve the change order.

The motion carried 3-0.

Request by Melissa Thomason, Walton County Chief Financial Officer, to advertise a Sept. 27 public hearing to consider a renewal of an ordinance providing a levy against hospitals in Walton County that furnish indigent care, the purpose of the levy being to help the hospitals obtain federal funding for these services.

A motion for approval by McCormick carried 3-0.

Public hearing on a resolution to reimpose and provide for the collection of special assessments in the Walton County Fire Rescue service area to be used for funding of fire protection services. No change was proposed to the existing special assessment rates.

A motion for approval by McCormick carried 3-0.

Request on behalf of Camp Creek Residential Development, L.L.C., for approval of the Camp Creek Residential Phase 2B Plat, consisting of the platting of 109 single-family lots on 246 acres located on the south side of U.S. 98 and west of Watersound Parkway South. This is to be the final phase of the development.

A motion for approval by McCormick carried 3-0.

Approved 3-0 as part of the consent agenda was the lease of Unit 207, Fountain Plaza, 12607 U.S. 98 in Miramar Beach, consisting of 1,100 square feet, to serve as the District 4 commissioner’s office, at the rate of $2,200 per month with utilities and services to be paid by the county, for a term of four years beginning on Sept. 14, with one-year lease extensions possible by mutual consent.

One agenda item, an update and request for direction on a pilot program for multi-use path lighting, was deleted from the agenda and is expected to be brought before the BCC on Sept. 27.