Roll Call Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Jan. 23 special meetings, regular meeting, and land use meeting

Jan. 23 special meetings, regular meeting, and land use meeting

A yes vote was to approve the motion.

Special meeting/executive session for Florida Teepee v. Walton County, case no. 2022-CA-511

No action.

Special meeting/executive session for Inlet Beach Water System, Inc., v. Walton County and Florida Community Services Corporation, dba Regional Utilities, Inc., case no. 2021-CA-269

There was a recommendation by Clay Adkinson, acting county attorney, for a motion to accept the purchase sale agreement of Inlet Beach Water System, Inc. (IBWS), to Regional Utilities, Inc., and authorize all parties to move forward with the mediation agreement (discussed in the closed executive session), the sale of IBWS ,and related matters required therein.

There was a motion to that effect by Anderson.

The motion was approved unanimously: Tony Anderson-yes; Brad Drake-yes; Danny Glidewell-yes; Donna Johns-yes; Boots McCormick-yes.

Regular meeting

By Chance Powell of Walton County Engineering, update and request for direction on the “Golf Garden” park project in Miramar Beach. Proposed items included two restroom stalls to be constructed by county personnel, irrigation and landscape design and implementation, path and parking lighting (22 lights on 12-foot poles to be installed by county personnel), pavilion and small amphitheater to be constructed by county personnel, six-foot chain link fence on the south, west, and a portion of the east property line, split rail fence and bollards around the parking area, a bicycle rack for 18 bikes, benches, pet waste stations, and trash cans, along with a $250 South Walton Fire District development order review fee. Total cost for the improvements was $176,794.85 in addition to funds already allocated ($237,024).

There was a proposal and motion by Johns to allocate $177,000 in District 4 plat fees to fund the improvements.

The motion was approved unanimously.

Recommendation by Melissa Thomason, Walton County chief financial officer (CFO) in view of adverse effects on some county employees from the delay with the most recent payroll and paychecks to employees. In addition to working on measures to prevent a recurrence of the issue, Thomason recommended the following: A letter by the director of administration of the clerk’s office that could be submitted to financial institutions requesting waiver of any late fees encountered by employees; a $65 one-time bonus to all employees, calculated to cover fees and associated taxes; and the ability for employees encountering fees and taxes above that amount to submit the expense for payment with Human Resources (HR) and CFO approval.

A motion by Glidewell for approval of Thomason’s recommendation carried unanimously.

Public hearing on a resolution to bring forward $7,073,900 from Tourist Development Fund reserves for construction of the Grayton Beach and 393 Municipal Parking Projects.

A motion by Glidewell for approval of the motion carried unanimously.

Renewed motion by Anderson to terminate Walton County Administrator Quinn Robertson, without cause, effective immediately.

The motion had been continued from the Dec. 19 BCC meeting.

The motion was approved 4-1 after BCC discussion and public comment: Anderson-yes; Drake-yes; Glidewell-yes; McCormick-yes; Johns-no. This resulted in termination of the county administrator.

There was a motion by Glidewell to schedule a special meeting for 9 a.m. on Jan. 25 to have the HR Director Nathan Kervin and Clay Adkinson, acting county attorney bring forward options for an interim county administrator, and also to instruct all department heads to run their departments in the meantime in order to have continuity of government.

After discussion, the motion was amended to set the special meeting for 3 p.m. on Jan. 26 at Freeport Commons.

The motion was approved unanimously.

Among items approved unanimously as part of the meeting consent agenda were: appointment of Commissioner Johns as chair of the Walton County Tourist Development Council (TDC), effective at the next TDC meeting on Feb. 6; and $54,000 task order for an assessment by Taylor Engineering on the condition of the Oyster Lake outfall. According to information provided on the latter, “Walton County performed work of stabilizing Oyster Lake Outfall initially under FDEP Permit # WL-1130 and then subsequent improvements to Oyster Lake Outfall under FDEP Permit #WL-1260. Walton County is in litigation with the property owner directly adjacent to the eastern side (Peace of Paradise LLC) of Oyster Lake Outfall regarding the stabilization of the outfall channel through the Peace of Paradise property in regards to the FDEP permits listed above.”

Land use meeting

          Adoption hearing for the Hurst Small Scale Amendment with Rezoning, a request on behalf of the Noel U. and Evelyn L. Hurst Trust for approval of a future land use change from Rural Residential to Commercial, or a lesser land use, and a zoning district change from Rural Village to General Commercial, or a lesser zoning district, on 0.44 acre located on U.S. 331 South, approximately 0.13 mile south of Rodney Drive, south of Freeport.

A motion for approval by Anderson carried unanimously.

Final public hearing for the Arnett-McCall Swap Small Scale Amendment (SSA) with Rezoning, a future land use map amendment with associated rezoning application requested by Walton County. Requested changes were as follows: 1) Parcel ID #34-2S-20-33270-033-0002 (1.66 acres), located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Moll Drive and U.S. 98 in Santa Rosa Beach was proposed to change from Public Facilities and Institutional to Industrial and Extractive Uses on the future land use map and from Institutional to Light Industrial on the official zoning map. 2) A portion of Parcel ID #34-2S-20-33270-006-0000 (1.656 acres), located just north of Rena Arnett Lane and immediately east of Helen McCall Park in Santa Rosa Beach was proposed to change from Industrial and Extractive Uses to Parks and Recreation on the future land use map and from Light Industrial to Parks and Recreation on the official zoning map.

A motion for approval by Anderson carried unanimously.

Request on behalf of SBG-PR, L.L.C., for approval of Kaiya Beach Resort Phase 2 Plat, consisting of the platting of three single-family lots, five multi-family lots, preservation/common area, and infrastructure on 2.47 acres at 25 Kaiya Avenue within the southeastern Walton County Kaiya development.

 A motion for approval by Anderson carried unanimously.

Request on behalf of The Watersound Company, L.L.C., for approval of the Watersound Origins Phase 5 – Naturewalk Phase 4 Plat, consisting of the platting of 76 single-family lots and infrastructure on 28.15 acres located approximately 1.4 miles north of the U.S. 98 East/Watersound Parkway North intersection in southeastern Walton County.

A motion for approval by Johns carried unanimously.

Request on behalf of JS Partners Grace, L.L.C., for approval of the Grace Point Phase II Replat, consisting of the replatting of two lots into one lot on 0.15 acre,. on the east side of Grace Point Way, south of Peace Lane, and south of CR-30A in southeastern Walton County, along with minor shifting of several other lots in the subdivision

A motion for approval by Glidewell carried unanimously.

Continued to the Feb. 22 BCC meeting were the following agenda items: 3 Sons BBQ SSAwith Rezoning, the Commerce Park Planned Unit Development (PUD) Amendment #2, the Flynn Developer’s Agreement, the Flynn SSA with Rezoning, and the Parkside Subdivision Plat.