Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening – Walton County Skatepark

From Louis E. Svehla, Board of County Commissioners Public Information Manager

On Wednesday, July 22, at 10 a.m., the Walton County Board of County Commissioners (WCBCC), will be hosting a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Ceremony for the new Walton County Skatepark.

  The event will take place at the Helen McCall Park located at 325 Moll Drive, Santa Rosa Beach. 

  This new skatepark will provide opportunity for not only skateboarders, but BMX bikers, scooters, rollerblading and wheelchair freestyle.  The skatepark features the following:

• 4’ High Starter Bank Ramp

• Flat Rail

• Manual Pad

• Plaza Stage with Rails, Up Gaps and Hubba Ledges

• Pump Bump

• Banked Hip With A-Frame Ledge

• 4’ High Quarter Pipe

• 6’ Deep Bowl Pocket

• 4.5’ Deep Bowl Pocket with Extension

• 3.5’ Deep Mini Ramp Bowl Pocket

The Walton County Skatepark is a project that began in July of 2015 with discussion with local non-profit Walton Skate Society.  By April of 2017, the County had raised over $100,000 towards the project to begin the design of the park. 

These funds were a combination of District 5 Recreational Plat fees, a Tony Hawk Skatepark Grant and a donation from the Walton Skate Society.

  In August of 2018, the WCBCC awarded the design contract for the skatepark to New Line Skateparks.  In September of 2019, the WCBCC approved the de-obligation of $462,098.00 of excess funds form the South Walton TIF to be used for the Construction of the Helen McCall Park Skate Park, and ultimately awarded the construction contract in February 2020 to Spohn Ranch, Inc in the amount of $499,749.23.

Construction on the park began in March of 2020 and has no reached final completion.

The WCBCC would like to invite the public to take part in our Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Ceremony to help celebrate the opening of the skatepark.

  In order to provide for the safety of the public due to the COVID-19 virus, we will be practicing social distancing at this event.