Following up: DFS City Council Issues from Sept. 14 Meeting


Correction: In the September 21, 2017 edition, the votes on two back-to-back city council agenda items were inadvertently inverted under 9B and 10A. The vote on the motion not to send a proposed letter to Gov. Scott was 3-2, with Council members Kelley and Wright voting nay. The vote to keep City Marshal Mark Weeks’ insurance supplement was 4-1 in favor, with Wright casting the nay vote. We regret any confusion this may have caused.

The agenda for the Sept. 14, 2017 DeFuniak Springs City Council meeting was packed full of other items not covered in last week’s article. To follow up, a few of those items are outlined below.

Consent agenda items approved included an agreement between the city and county covering the shared responsibilities for the Senior Center. There was also approval for a Florida Growth Grant Fund on public infrastructure to improve access roads to and on the property.

Under agenda requests Bruce Naylor requested guidance with transient populations using the Opinion Place overnight or long term. Discussion followed on different agencies and contacts, as well as the difficulties many of this population are facing. The Herald/Breeze is working on an upcoming piece to help citizens have a better understanding of what services are available in our area for those without a residence.

The Council approved a request by Dusty Beck representing Trinity Fellowship and the skate park allowing the city to accept donations raised to improve the park with new ramps and possibly sponsorships by local businesses.

Under ordinances and resolutions Erin Glenn requested a small-scale amendment for mixed usage for the old post office building on U.S. 90. Aidmore Veterinarian Clinic requested small scale/rezoning for expanded office space, and an application for a hearing for special approval by Cobb’s Towing concerning fencing and vehicles stored on property were presented to the council. Requests for hearing or first title reading of request were approved by the council.

The Council reinstated Charlie Morris to the DeFuniak Springs Economic Development Committee after Morris was removed due to a miscommunication. The city manager will be appointed as the city’s representative for the Walton County Triumph Advisory Committee.

The next council meeting is set for Oct. 9, 2017 at 6 p.m. For more on meetings, and agenda items  go to