Paxton discusses Senior Nutritional Program, cemetery recommendations


Paxton’s City Council met for its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 16, at Paxton’s town hall. Citizen Paul Zmigrosky approached the council. He and his wife Sheila lived in Texas until Sheila inherited a farm in Paxton in 2017. The pair decided to get into the business of farming, given Zmigrosky’s time in the food industry. Zmigrosky came before the council to discuss the Florida Nutrition Program, where if participants are over 60 years old, and are eligible based on income, the state of Florida will send vouchers for senior citizens to buy fruits and vegetables from a farmer certified with the state of Florida. Zmigrosky went on to explain that there are only four certified farmers in Walton County.

Zmigrosky mentioned that Walton County had the highest rate of voucher redemptions in the state. Zmigrosky has previously partnered with the Council on Aging in order to bring his farm’s produce straight to the seniors at the Council on Aging’s regular lunch in Paxton. But Zmigrosky was recently informed that the Council on Aging no longer wants to partner with them, and he is asking the council for permission to rent the Agricultural Building on Friday’s from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. free of charge, with a donation made to the city.

Council member Bill McRae expressed concern that the Agricultural Building is rented out on some Fridays, so he asked if it was possible to move dates around if need be. Zmigrosky said that his other partner, who is involved with handing out the vouchers, is free on Fridays, but they are willing and able to be flexible with the dates. A motion was made and passed to allow for Zmigrosky to use the Agricultural Building free of charge. 

The discussion then turned to recommendations from the recent Cemetery Committee meeting. The first request is to digitize the mapping of the cemetery, due to the hazard of something happening to the physical copy of the map that could lead to the city not knowing who is buried where. City Clerk Judy Williams stated that this is something that would need to wait for the 2023/2024 fiscal year budget. 

The second recommendation was the expansion of the cemetery. With the number of lots quickly dwindling, there will be nowhere for anyone to be interred. Currently there are only 96 available lots. McRae stated that with expansion comes extra cost in maintenance, and he believes this could lead to the city not recouping the money, making his recommendation to not expand the cemetery. The decision was to take no action.

The third recommendation is to divide Block K, Plot 28, into six individual spaces, with the suggested price of $300 per single gravesite. A motion was passed to divide the plots into six individual spaces at $300 each. 

The new Senior Citizen Center plans include a request for a transfer switch and to have a generator connected in the event that it is needed. There is an existing generator on a trailer, which was offered to Williams to permanently connect to the new Senior Citizens Center. The original use for the generator is no longer a concern so the generator is no longer needed. A motion was passed to permanently connect the old generator to the new Senior Citizens building. 

Mayor Ann Sexton brought up the old fire engine, used as a photo prop at last year’s Bobby Kemp Day Festival. In order for the engine to be used for this purpose again it has some tires that need to be replaced. A motion was passed to replace the old fire engine’s tires.