Paxton City Council holds monthly meeting


On Tuesday, May 15 at 5:30 p.m. the Paxton City Council met at Paxton Town Hall for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Bobby Kemp.  Present at the meeting was Mayor Hayward Thomas and council members Bobby Kemp, Ann Sexton, Janice Armstrong, Billing Clerk Judy Williams, City Clerk Suzan Imfeld and Attorney Clay Adkinson.  Absent were council members Tommy Mathis and Travis McMillan. Motions carried unanimously to approve the minutes and bills.

There were two items under Agenda Requests for the May 15 meeting.

Resolution 18-04 — Adkinson stated that a motion was needed to ratify the resolution from a special meeting held on Monday, May 14, approving a moratorium on water impact fees for new hookups during the construction period.  The motion carried to approve this item.

LiveStock Sale — Paxton citizen Dale Anderson came before the council stating that his livestock sale is on the first Saturday of each month. Anderson stated that the livestock sale generates a lot of revenue in Paxton and requested to rent the Paxton Agricultural Center for this sale on the first Saturday of each month. Billing Clerk Williams stated that July and August have already been booked, but come September she could reserve the first Saturday of each month for Anderson. Council member Armstrong recommended $100.00 for the additional rental fee. The motion carried approving the first Saturday of each month after August 2018 and $100.00 rental fee to Dale Anderson for the Agricultural Center for the first Saturday of each month.

Mayor Report — Mayor Thomas stated that a butcher shop is interested in purchasing land from Paxton to build a meat/butcher shop. The council informed that the city would prefer to lease rather than sell. The suggestion was made for the butcher to make an offer in either [renting or purchasing] and to present the offer to the council for consideration. Mayor Thomas also recommended a pvc box for the Agricultural Center and Pavilion.  The motion carried approving the pvc electrical box for the Agricultural Center and Pavilion.

Attorney Report —  Adkinson recommended that he and the Beasley Allen law firm enter into an opioid litigation, with no cost/expenses due from the city to explore and enter into the litigation going on nationwide. Walton County has expressed their intent to enter this litigation, Adkinson informed the council. The motion carried to approve Adkinson’s recommendation.

Following the Attorney Report, the May 15 Paxton City Council meeting was adjourned. The Paxton City Council meets every third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at Paxton Town Hall.