Newly Elected Freeport City Council Members Look To Future

Story and photos by JEFFREY POWELL

        The city of Freeport will hold its next city council meeting on Thursday evening, July 27. Just prior to the meeting two new council members will be sworn in to serve their four year terms. Those two members are Amanda Green ,who replaces Janice McLean for seat one, and William “Boots” McCormick, who replaces Jennifer Laird for seat four. These two individuals reflect the diversity of a growing Freeport and are looking to the future in their new positions.

William “Boots” McCormick is also rooted in the Freeport community and for several generations the McCormicks have called Freeport home. McCormick was a member of the first football team Freeport ever fielded in 1976 and his uncle was Freeport’s last city marshal. He is a retired sergeant with the Walton County Sheriffs Office, having held several positions within that organization. Like Green, this is McCormick’s first time running for political office. He ran a rather low key campaign and accepted no contributions from outside sources.


Amanda Green has lived in the Florida Panhandle for many years. She and her family decided to make Freeport their home around six years ago due in no small part to its central location to beaches and a variety of other recreational opportunities. This is her first time running for office, which she found to be a “huge adventure.” She readily admits to the learning curve that one faces when deciding to “market yourself” but found the process “quite interesting.” When asked why she decided to embark upon this endeavor she cited several reasons for becoming involved.

        “My concern came from open communication with people in the community which led me to research the issues and want to be involved in the solution rather than add to confusion and grievance with the community,” said Green. “I look forward to working with the other council members and I believe we can all work together to improve the city and make balanced decisions that are good for the city and the community. Freeport is a great place to raise your children and we are rooted in community through both our business and residence. Freeport is our home.”

“I did not take any campaign contributions because I am a stand-on-my-own kind of guy,” said McCormick. “My responsibilities are to the citizens of Freeport. This effort is about taking care of the people in this city and making sure they have a voice that represents them. Growth is coming to Freeport and we need to get ahead of the curve concerning that growth. It is going to be a delicate balance to keep Freeport’s heritage and embrace the growth. There are a lot of blue collar people in Freeport so I do not have any plans to raise taxes. My only ambition is that the decisions I make reflect positively on the city of Freeport.”