New Vision for Local Non-Profit, BeGenerous Inc.

THE BeGENEROUS TEAM (from left to right): board member Sula Skiles, community outreach assistant Sereen Gualteri, founder and director Stephanie McMinn, board member Tara Beard, and assistant director Ashley Smith. (Photo by Jenna Bailey)

The Walton county based non-profit organization, BeGenerous, Inc., has recently shifted their focus from being a diaper bank to assisting women who have been faced with trauma and combating addiction and sex trafficking in Walton County.

Since 2010, BeGenerous, Inc., has been serving the local area by bridging resources to families in need within the community. When they first began, their focus was solely on providing tangible items and over the years they expanded to helping families and individuals break free from life-dominating circumstances. BeGenerous has aided individuals in various situations, but discovered a significant need in assistance from those in extremely vulnerable and often life-threatening circumstances. More often than not, these cases involved human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and some level of addiction for women in Walton County.

BeGenerous has seen first hand the magnitude of the effects drug addiction and human trafficking have had on families in the Walton County area. Their experiences in working so closely with the young women in these harrowing circumstances has led to a renewed commitment within their organization to move forward with a primary focus to assist in these instances of trauma.

As of January 2018, BeGenerous is excited to introduce the “Yellow House Project” where they will be shifting their efforts to help women in vulnerable situations.

The following is a statement from BeGenerous, inc., on the vision and mission of the Yellow House: “The dream of the Yellow House is to provide short-term housing for women in crisis situations which leave them vulnerable to violence, homelessness, abuse, relapse, or sex trafficking. While working in the community for the past 7 years we have found a gap in temporary housing for women in our community. The Yellow House will bridge that gap by providing a short-term dwelling place of refuge, healing, true transformation and hope for women in need of freedom from life-dominating circumstances. We desire to meet women where they are by providing immediate care while demonstrating the unwavering love of God. We want to direct women to a safer and more sound place both physically and spiritually. Our hope is for the women to step into an atmosphere of Christ-centered worship, love, and grace while finding their God-given identity. We want them to find strength and wisdom in Jesus to remain free from past circumstances and harmful cycles.”

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