Local Women Unite to Spread The Love of Christ and Christmas

RUBYE THOMAS, (l) and her friend in Christ, Rose Caldwell, stand next to Thomas’ Christmas tree. (Photo by Jeffrey Powell)

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In many close knit communities there is a home where people gather for fellowship and to share stories of how their day may have gone. In the Heritage Apartments area, that home belongs to Rubye Thomas. During the Christmas season her home becomes very busy and on Christmas Eve it is the center of activities for many youngsters from the area.

For four years now Thomas and some of her friends have made it their mission to bring Christmas cheer into the lives of youngsters that may not fully understand the meaning of Christmas. That meaning, according to Thomas, is the love of Jesus Christ and the gift of giving and receiving the love he has promised to those that follow his word.

Since its humble beginnings “Rubye’s Christmas lights; A night to remember” has grown and hopes to keep on growing. Four years ago she had less than 10 names on her Christmas gift list which now consists of 27 children. Each of these children will receives a gift on Christmas Eve and will get a chance to enjoy Thomas’ Christmas light display. They will also get hot chocolate, candy canes and stocking stuffers.

“I am motivated by God to show my love for others,” said Thomas. “This is how I show my love, you have to do something to bring people together. I want to thank everyone that has been involved with this especially Anita Spears who donated many Christmas lights and decorations. I love the Christmas bells that Anita gave me. She makes everything come together, she does the hard work.”

This year, for the first time, Thomas reached out to a charitable institution and they “responded positively” with gifts the children will receive on Christmas Eve. Thomas needed a little help this year due to a recent influx of new children in the community. She is also asking for those in the community to help by donating children socks, bedroom slippers and stocking stuffers.

Another of the ladies that have been helping her is Rose Caldwell. Caldwell has been involved for the past four years and hopes to make this year’s celebration special for all those that attend.

“I like to see young people come together and learn about Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season after all,” said Caldwell “The children also need to learn that the season is not always about getting but also about giving. They need to know that all good and perfect gifts come from above. The most important of those gifts is love, and the love for one another. I thank God for Rubye who shows her love for everyone particularly at Christmas time.”

Those that would like to make a donation to this year’s event can reach Thomas by calling her at (850) 520-5194 or (334) 403-1836.