Local high school student nominated to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders

ASHTON NUNES HOLDING his nomination letter for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

Story and photo by STACY MARTIN

Meet Ashton Nunes, a freshman at Walton County’s first STEAM school: Magnet Innovation Center (MIC). Nunes stated that as part of his application to MIC, he wrote an essay on biomedical engineering improvements on artificial limbs to improve amputees’ quality of life.  This essay, he believes, is what lead Dr. Alexis Tibbetts, the principle of South Walton High School, to nominate Nunes to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is an honors program for high school students through the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. 

This program supports those students who want to become physicians, medical scientists, engineers, or technologists, with experience and mentoring opportunities to accompany their journey in the medical field. During the three-day Congress, Nunes, along with other student nominees, will be able to view live surgery in real time and be able to ask questions of the surgeons. 

The students will also attend speaking sessions and workshops with Nobel Prize winners, medical school deans, and leaders in medical research, and will network and build relations with other students selected for the Congress program. During his time at this year’s Congress, Nunes stated that he looks forward to asking questions during the live surgery procedure to better understand the processes.

Nunes holds a weighted GPA of 3.8 and intends to major in the Bio-Medical Engineering field.  Nunes is also very active in athletics at South Walton High School, playing football, wrestling, and looking forward to starting track and field.  

Nunes is also active outside of school, serving in his community. Nunes volunteers in the kids service as the sound and presentation administrator at Destiny Worship Church in Freeport.

Nunes stated that he “Thanks God for the opportunities He has given him, between the program he is in and having a wonderful faculty.”

The Nunes family is very supportive of their son and encourages him to follow his dreams. To help him along the way, they have set up a GoFundMe page to help get him to the Congress conference, as well as pay to have it a part of his college transcripts for the future.