Freeport City Council March 24 meeting discusses vandalism at Sports Complex park [PREMIUM]

FREEPORT SPORTS COMPLEX park has been plagued by vandalism. (Photo from Freeport city website)


The Freeport City Council held its regular meeting on March 24, 2022 at the Freeport City Hall. Council members Tripp Hope and Eddie Farris were not present. Walton County Commissioner Boots McCormick, Deputy County Administrator Tony Cornman, and Shane Abbott, candidate for State Representative, were also present. 

Parks & Recreation Director Travis Digges reported that there have been a lot of vandalism at the Sports Complex park. He said it has ramped up in the last month or two. He has gotten the Walton County Sheriff’s Office involved and they have caught a few kids as suspects. He thinks it is several groups of kids; they have been patrolling fairly heavily but it is getting expensive and tiresome. It helps to keep the bathrooms locked when they can. Digges has made an urgent call to A-To-Z Locksmith for some cameras. They do have some cameras out there that belong to the sheriff’s department, but they are really old and don’t work very well and are usually offline when needed. A-To-Z is going to bring a quote to cover every building that they have out there.

There is nothing in the city budget for this so it was agreed to see what the price comes in at and bring it to the council. It is at the top of Digges’ list right now of things to make happen. News of this is on social media and people are supporting the effort to keep an eye on it. 

Digges also said that on April 4 they are going to run pool jobs and will need to get new lifeguards trained. 

There has been a lot of interest in people renting the tennis courts. Digges plans on always keeping one court open to the public. They plan on adjusting their rental agreement. They have been working on their website to include paying for renting facilities, and including those events on the calendar. 

City Manager Charlie Simmons requested the funds to purchase bypass pumps for the sewer department. 

Owls Head Farms paid their second installment of four on their capacity fees. 

Kay Yount had requested that the National Day of Prayer be held at the Freeport City Hall again this year on May 5 from 12 to 1 p.m. 

Council member Mark Martin reported that the Marquis Way project was moved up to number one on the list for Walton County. He also said that the Citizen Advisory Position for the TPO was vacant and needed to be filled. It is to be discussed at the next meeting when all council members are present.