Freeport City Council discusses upcoming election, cancer benefit dinner

BOBBI (l) AND TY REDDICK address the Freeport City Council at its April 27 meeting concerning an upcoming cancer benefit dinner for Stacey Fleming. (Photo by Jeffrey Powell)

The Freeport City Council held their second regularly scheduled meeting of the month on April 27, 2017. All council members were in attendance with approximately 30 members of the general public in the audience.
After taking care of several housekeeping issues Freeport City Clerk Becky Podraza asked for and received permission to hire Quest Management Consultants for training current and future elected officials for $350 per session. Podraza had researched the organization and felt that the rate was reasonable and would help everyone work together. She also said the group could “personalize” the training to fit Freeport’s governmental structure. The training would be conducted twice per year.
Under the legal heading Freeport Attorney Clay Adkinson discussed in detail the canvassing board for Freeport’s upcoming election. He pointed out that the canvassing board is the Freeport City Council. Adkinson noted that in some cases it could be possible for a person running for office to handle ballots and that this might be viewed as an inadvertent impropriety. He told the council of an extended conversation he had had with Walton County Supervisor of Elections Bobby Beasley and Beasley’s willingness to help the city in any way he could. According to Adkinson, the Walton County Supervisor of Elections will supply the polling machines and representatives to manage and supervise the election process. This effort would ensure that no person running for a particular office will handle a ballot that could affect themselves. The office will also handle a training session for poll workers and election inspectors. The Freeport City Council approved Adkinson’s suggestion to use Beasley’s assistance in the election.
Freeport Parks Director Dana Weiler advised the council that well number 6 had malfunctioned and that it needed repair. She also asked for permission to retain Garland Lawn Service to help maintain the field at the Freeport Regional Sports Complex. Weiler said the organization had made many improvements to the fields and an interruption in the service might “interrupt” the gains that have been made. The council approved both suggestions.
During the New Business portion of the meeting Freeport resident Bobbi Reddick and her son Ty asked officials to waive normal fees for use of the Freeport Community Center for a benefit dinner for Stacey Fleming, who is suffering from appendix cancer. The event was held on April 29, with all proceeds going to Fleming’s follow-up treatment. The council waived the fee and wished the pair good luck in their efforts.