Freeport City Council discusses marketing, funding [PREMIUM CONTENT]

ALL FREEPORT CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS were present for Tuesday’s meeting. (Photo by Jeffrey Powell)

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The Freeport City Council held their first regularly scheduled meeting of the month on April 10, 2018, at Freeport City Hall. All council members were in attendance with approximately one dozen members of the general public also present.
The morning’s meeting began with Westonwood Ranch Founder Lindy Wood presenting a short video concerning her organization’s recent rodeo held at the Freeport Regional Sports Complex. She thanked the council and Freeport Parks and Recreation Director Charlie Simmons for the support the city showed for her event. She also mentioned that she had received great feedback from the community and hoped the event could be held in Freeport next year. “This event was good family fun as well as a great fundraiser,” said Wood. “Thank you very much.”
Freeport City Planner Latilda Neel brought before the board a Technical Assistant Opportunity for the city to do some marketing on their website. Neel suggested having a drone operator video areas in the city such as the industrial park and the city’s waterfront to be used to “beef-up” the municipality’s online presence. She also said the video would allow prospective future residence to see the city’s parks and other amenities from a bird’s-eyes view.
Under the legal heading city attorney Clay Atkinson asked for the council to consider a resolution supporting the Alagua Animal Refuge’s attempt to secure Triumph Gulf Coast funding. He cited a “benefit to the citizens of Freeport and Walton County as a whole” for the resolution. The resolution passed unanimously.
Parks and Recreation Director Charlie Simmons asked the council for direction concerning canines in the city’s parks. He mentioned that he had had several instances of people having their dogs at the Freeport Regional Sports Complex although there is signage clearly prohibiting pets in the park. The council supported the no dogs allowed, with the exception of certified support animals, in the park.
Under old business the council discussed hiring a consultant to help the sewer department begin using the city’s reclaimed water system. They apparently felt the need to have an expert take a look at the situation since they approved to advertise a RFQ for this specific project.
Under Council member Amanda Green’s heading she asked the other council members to support a resolution for the closing of the Waste Pro landfill west of Freeport. Waste Pro had asked the state for a three-year extension and permission to expand their Freeport facility. “This is a quality of life issue,” said Green. “I want to show my support for the citizens affected by this issue.” The resolution was approved unanimously