Freeport City Council approves Westonwood Ranch Rodeo for March 2020 [PREMIUM]

KELLY THOMPSON from Westonwood Ranch addresses the Freeport City Council.


On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the city of Freeport held its regular council meeting. The meeting began by recognition of guests from Leadership Walton, Class of 2019/2020. 

Requests for placement on the council agenda began with Kelly Thompson from Westonwood Ranch. Thompson requested that the council approve their 3rd annual Westonwood Ranch Rodeo, to be held at the Freeport Sports Complex. The council approved the event set for March 27 and 28.

Next were Chris Mitchem and Jennifer Couitt with a water bill error. The customers stated that their bill doubled and tripled from their standard billing cost for August and September. The water department was called and checked the property, which showed no signs of leaks but instead a continual flow of water from an open-source. Because there was no leak, the city made arrangements for a payment plan, and the council made a motion to make adjustments on the sewer portion of the second bill.

The council then moved to approve the consent agenda and the agenda with additions. 

Under staff reports, the parks department presented updates to the council, stating supplies for the trails workout stations were in and will be put in place, as well as progress moving forward with the concession stand to be ready by the time of the Westonwood Ranch Rodeo on March.

Next to approach the council was the clerk’s office with the 2020 Holiday Schedule. The council made a motion and approved the schedule for 2020.

The Finance department approached the council with an employee uniform allowance and budget amendment Marcum (invoice) agreement. The council voted and approved both items on the finance department list.

The billing department addressed 389 Wilson Way, where the customer had a $9,225.00 bill. The water department went out to the property and located a leak. The customer was not in town during that period in which the leak was taking place, and it was a secluded property that would have prevented people from spotting the leak. Council made a motion to adjust the second-month’s bill. 

The planning department presented the Young re-zoning ordinance 2nd reading. Council approved the hearing for ordinance 2019-17.

LCD Text revision ordinance second reading and council approved the hearing for ordinance 2019-17. 

The 331 South Corridor standards ordinance – second reading. Council made a motion to table and readvertise for this ordinance until January’s meeting when the planning department will present a clear definition of “special event” along the corridor, which would require a permit. 

Vineyards at Hammock Bay-Final plat approval, a four lot subdivision on the north side of Hammock Trail West, that in between the interior lots is a 500-ft. set-back. The council approved and carried the motion with one nay.

The last item concerned the Verandas phase 1-B-2 final townhome plat approval. The council made a motion and approved the phase. 

Under the Engineering Department, presented to the council was an update o

n the WWTF reclaimed water agreement, which the council made a motion to table for the January meeting. The next item presented is the FDOT widening of SR-20 conceptual plans. There is no set time frame for the construction. The last item discusses the US 331 North Utility Extension with the developer’s 20-ft. easement agreement for the lift station. Continual working will be made to attain the additional easements before the construction. 

Under Old Business, the legal department requested that the council set a date for a special meeting and workshop to sit with developers Lagrange Bayou Village LLC, and with the and city staff, concerning the restaurant project site in Marina Village. The council made a motion to approve a workshop-special meeting set for Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 6 p.m. 

Under new business, Council member Amanda Green raised concern addressing a lack of standards when putting up speed limits that were not put up by the city. The planning department will look at the process of the DOT procedures and will bring it back to the council at the January meeting. Another issue that Green presented with the unsightliness of the construction trailer at the corner of SR-20 and Madison Street, as they are fixing a code violation of the property. The planning department reassured that the building is only temporary and will be removed once construction is finished. Council member William McCormick mentioned that although the construction trailer is unsightly, it does not compare to the unsightliness of the building there prior. 

Green also mentioned the Welcome to Freeport Signs overgrowth. The engineering department stated that there is still one more sign being put in place, and after that, parks and recreation will work with engineering on landscape and maintenance. 

The next city of Freeport City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 14, at 9 a.m.