Fall Equinox Gathering held at Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve

CHILDREN receiving drumming lessons at Fall Equinox Gathering September 23, 2017.

Story and photos by JENNA BAILEY
This past weekend, Sept. 22 – Sept.24, the Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve held a “Fall Equinox Gathering” to celebrate the change of seasons and the beginning of the Fall equinox. The Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve is dedicated to protecting nature and providing inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, and natural burial options. The preserve is 350 acres of undisturbed countryside made up of pine and hardwood trees, wetlands, creeks, ponds, broad fields and rich earth. “Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve celebrates the life of individuals who have passed away by providing a burial in quiet, natural surroundings while granting a lasting tribute to nature and the future of life on earth.”

THE 67-YEAR-OLD Rust-a-Bus at Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve, on which a tour of the property was provided for attendees.

An equinox is the time or date, twice each year, at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are equal length. Ordinarily, this equinox spans from September 22 through March 20. At the gathering, both adults and children alike come to enjoy nature, activities, delicious food and – for the adults – beer and a chance to relax. This celebration has been held at the preserve for about three years now. As more people began bringing their children, the event has decreased the amount of alcohol consumption to provide a safer, more family-friendly atmosphere. Activities include music, a fun drum lesson and arts and crafts for the children, and an tour of the property on the rust-a-bus. The rust-a-bus is a 67 year old school bus from 1950. At first glance, the bus appears to be just another eclectic metal work of art, as there are many fascinating and imaginative metal sculptures throughout the property. However, it is quite sturdy and runs perfectly fine.

ATTENDEE playing a drum at Fall Equinox Gathering on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017.

Overall, the Fall Equinox Gathering is a fun, eclectic, laid-back and educational way to celebrate the change of seasons that both children and adults can enjoy. For more information on the Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve you can go to their website, glendalenaturepreserve.org, call (850) 859-2141 or (850) 859-2341, or email them at info@glendalenaturepreserve.org.