DFS City Council put finishing touches on 2016 audit for state


At a special meeting on Feb. 20, 2018, at 2 p.m. the DeFuniak Springs City Council met to review management responses on the 2016 audit before sending the documents to state by the deadline of Wednesday, Feb. 21

City Manager Danny Lucas told the council the format for the audit was pretty uniform across states and at the end, there was a letter attached with questions, notes or findings and responses by management in the document.

Lucas said some of these findings go back a few years further than the 2016 findings and had been carried over from previous years.

Council member Janie Griffith said she was pleased with the responses and thanked staff for their work in putting the information together and she would be willing to make a motion as long as the council agreed to accept the document for management and legal counsel to return to the state.

Council member Ron Kelley said he was also pleased with the responses.

Other council members made similar statements that they were pleased with the outcome of management’s responses.

Legal counsel Clayton Adkinson said that at the pace they were moving he believed the next audit due would be on time to be sent to the state.

Lucas offered some tips and ideas on what will help the process in the future.

Kelley made a second on Griffith’s motion. The council moved to approve the responses, and in a second vote approved the findings.

Digital and hard copies will both be sent to the state. Audio of the 18 minute meeting is available at www.defuniaksprings.net.