DFS City Council appoints City Manager Application Committee

THE DEFUNIAK SPRINGS CITY COUNCIL listening to public comment during the May 14, 2018 regular meeting.

Story and photo by JENNA BAILEY
Following former City Manager Danny Lucas’ termination of employment, the DeFuniak Springs (DFS) City Council held a special meeting on May 1, 2018 where the Council discussed the hiring process for a new City Manager. At the May 1 meeting, the Council decided to appoint a committee to review the submitted applications for the City Manager position.
This committee will be made up of seven members; one appointed by each member of the council and one city staff member. The City Manager Application Committee will go over the applications and later present their findings and recommendations to the DFS City Council.

On Monday, May 14, at 6 p.m. the Council met for a regular meeting at DFS City Hall. During the May 14 meeting, the council members announced their appointees for the City Manager Application Committee. City Manager Application Committee Appointees: Ron Kelley appointed Cathy Mosley; Janie Griffith appointed Wesley Wilkerson; Mayor Bob Campbell appointed Reynolds Henderson; Henry Ennis appointed James Thompson; Wayne Graham appointed Erin Glenn; and Kermit Wright appointed Jack Owens. The member of city staff for the committee with be Interim City Manager Craig Drake. The Chair for the committee will be Jack Owens. So far, as of May 14, thirteen applications have been submitted for the DFS City Manager position. A full report on the May 14, 2018 DeFuniak Springs City Council meeting will be forthcoming.