DFS City Beautification & Tree Board discusses Dog Park and Amphitheater


DeFuniak Springs Beautification and Tree Board met for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 1. Each member of the board went gave recommendations for locations of the future dog park. Board member Glen Harrison’s suggestions were the Armory lot or the old Health Department lot. Harrison suggested both locations because they are both up for consideration to be the home of the new fire station.

Board Chairwoman Kim Wennerberg stated that she was hesitant about the Armory or former Health Department because of their location near a busy highway. Wennerberg went on to suggest another lot owned by the city to the west of that area that is about an acre and a half. Board member Sommer Adams could not find an adequate location in time for the meeting. So, Wennerberg suggested that the board visit all locations to help make a better decision. 

The board then moved on to the amphitheater remodel suggestions. Harrison brought up Furman University’s canopy-like shade over the stage and hillside seating with steps built into the grass. Board member Mike Goodchild suggested a vinyl shade to keep citizens out of the weather when attending an event at the amphitheater. It was also suggested to use trees throughout the seating to work in shade, as well as concrete seating for people who may have trouble getting up and down off the ground. It was also suggested that the board should travel to the amphitheater in order to have a better understanding of what needs to be done. 

It was decided later in the meeting to hold a workshop before the next meeting in order to travel to all potential dog park locations and the amphitheater so further action can be taken at the next meeting. This workshop will be held Thursday, March 16 at 4 p.m., and board members will meet at the amphitheater.  

The idea of being able to see the water through the stage was also suggested. Sommer Adams believes it should be less modern and more historic. Wennerberg asked for each board member to send photos of elements they want to incorporate into the new amphitheater in order to have them printed. They can discuss and agree on the board’s favorite elements in order to bring them before the DeFuniak Springs City Council for consideration. 

Adams submitted photos of the clock, an aerial view of the Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood building with the lakeyard behind it, and the train to the graphic designer for the mural on the train trestle. Adams is concerned there will not be enough room on the trestle to fully see all of the images, but she should have mural samples for the next meeting. The Arbor Day website has offered to advertise DeFuniak Springs’ Arbor Day event if they receive a write up on the event, and Board member Mike Goodchild volunteered to do the write-up.