DeFuniak Springs City Council discusses FP&L agreement, City Hall property sale


This is Part Two of the DeFuniak City Council meeting held on October 23, 2023, at the DeFuniak City Hall. Part One was published in the Oct. 25, 2023 edition. 

On the Consent agenda: 

• Jackson Wedding Special Event 11/18/2023, at Chipley Park. Linda G. Russell expects 25 to 30 guests. They plan on having live and recorded music, and use an amplification device. 

• DeFuniak Springs Equestrians will transport the horses by trailer to Park Avenue near Walton Middle School, unload, and travel to the starting location of Christmas Reflections. The estimated number of horses is 20 with an estimated number of individual participants of 20 – 30.

An agreement to proceed with draft was made between Florida Power & Light (FP&L) and the City of DeFuniak Springs for transmission line easements and compensation. The draft reads: “an easement forever [Variable] feet in width, to be used for the construction, operation, and maintenance of one or more overhead and underground electric transmission and distribution lines, including but not limited to, wires, poles, “H” frame structures, towers, cables, conduits, anchors, guys, roads, trails and equipment associated therewith, attachments and appurtenant equipment for communication purposes and one or more pipelines, and appurtenant equipment for the transmission of substances of any kind (all of the foregoing hereinafter referred to as “Facilities”), over, under, in, on, upon and across the lands of Grantor situated in the County of Walton, and the State of Florida (hereinafter the “Easement”)”  Following a question, underground cost was stated to be 10 – 15 times more expensive than above-ground construction. 

A contract renewal was made for Emergency Medical Services with Dr. James Howell D.O. 

Jean Supple, SVP, of CCB Community Bank, has offered to purchase the old City Hall property for $1,875,000 with a 6-month period in which to review and inspect all aspects of the property. The Council approved. 

Alex Rouchaleau, Dewberry Engineering, presented a planning study for the replacement of about 29,000 feet of 18” PVC Forcemain water line. The project could receive up to 80% grant funding by the SRF (State Revolving Fund) and 20% loan. The supporting documents and Planning Study Report attached to the agenda item is available on the DeFuniak Springs City website,

Under Citizen Comments (pertaining to items not on the agenda), Council member Amy Heavilin asked about the practice to restrict Citizens Comments section of the meeting to non-agenda items. City Attorney Clay Adkinson said that comments for agenda items are generally heard along with those items. 

A citizen asked about updated FAA airport regulations, and whether the city’s regulation documents are consistent with those of FAA. He also expressed concerns about rules dealing with citizen input and actions, and having those rules available. He also criticized the city’s recent action in the Eagle Aircraft Maintenance (EAM) lease cancellation, with the way the company was treated, and the resulting problem in obtaining maintenance services at the airport. 

Another attendee also commented about “moving around” the time for citizen comments to the end, and a concern that citizen comments following actions cannot be made at relevant times. 

Lisa Sorrells requested to have a Porta-Potty potable toilet placed by the tennis courts by Clay and Plateau. Following discussion, the Council agreed to bring the topic back at budget time to plan on building a bathroom instead. 

Meeting agendas, agenda forms, and supporting documents for items brought before the council can be accessed and/or linked to on the city’s website. Minutes from meetings are also available on the website,