Davis resigns as Walton County attorney


WALTON COUNTY ATTORNEY MARK DAVIS resigned his post in a letter dated April 17, 2017. Davis wrote that the experience had been wonderful personally and professionally but he was accepting a new job opportunity that he felt was in his and his family’s best interest. Davis wrote he expects his last day of service to be May 19, 2017.

Lasting longer than many that came the few years before him, Mark Davis turned in his resignation letter as county attorney to Walton County officials April 17, 2017.
Davis said in the letter that it had been an honor to serve the commissioners but had received a job opportunity that he felt was in the best interests of him and his family to take.
He makes clear in the letter that the resignation is purely voluntary.
Davis states in the letter that although his contract states he give 60 days notice he was asking to remain in office only until Friday, May 19, 2017. He wrote he anticipates being in the office full-time until May 12, 2017. Davis states he would like a little time off using annual leave before he begins his next endeavor.
The letter also states that per his contract Davis will not seek any severance pay and only asks for annual and sick leave accrued in accordance with Walton County personnel policies, and he is allowed to withdraw any deferred compensation that he has accrued in his ICMA account.
He closes the letter out with sincere thanks for the opportunity to serve the county and the commissioners, adding that his experience as county attorney has been a “wonderful professional and personal experience.”