Algarin is hired as Walton County tourism director


         Matthew Algarin, current communications director for the Walton County Tourism Department, has been selected to fill the vacant Walton County tourism director position.

         Nathan Kervin, Walton County director of human resources (HR), confirmed on July 19 that interviews for the position had recently been held—and that Algarin was offered and accepted the position.

         He was selected from a field of three candidates who had applied for the job in response to a recent posting of the position that had closed on June 24.

         Fourteen applications had been received in response to a previous posting that had ended on May 11, but after interviews no candidate had been selected from that group, and none of those applications had moved forward, Kervin had reported.

         The position has been vacant since May 2021.

         By direction of the Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC), the position had been filled in the normal manner for hiring county employees by HR, working with Walton County Administration, rather than the hire requiring a BCC vote.

         The tourism director position reports directly to administration rather than to the BCC as had been the case in former years, based on June 2021 action by the BCC.