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Walton County School Board meets

Sep 29th, 2011 | 0


The Walton County School Board met at their regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 20, 2011.

The board opened the meeting by unanimously approving the agenda before them and officially adopting the minutes from prior meetings on Sept. 6 and Sept. 13.

The board then moved to approve the consent agenda and personal recommendations unanimously.

Next on the agenda was the donation of a used surplus school bus to the Walton County Special Olympics to help in their transport to and from activities. The board approved the surplus request unanimously.

Several Special Olympians were in the audience and Walton County School Superintendent Carlene Anderson told the crowd, “This board is very proud to be a part of the donation of this bus so they can continue to travel. They are incredible athletes.”

The board moved unanimously to approve the auction of surplus property.

Anderson then responded to public comments in reference to the chief financial officer job description. “The job description for this job was amended on April 4, 2005 by the school board. Basically, it changed the title of the the job from finance director to chief financial officer (CFO). It changed who the CFO reported to. It also increased the qualifications from three years of experience to at least five years of experience and it expanded the board’s authority to allow for ‘such alternatives to the above qualifications as the board may find appropriate and acceptable.'” Anderson continued, “Certainly at no time when the job description changed did we expect anybody, six years later to apply that did not meet the preferred requirements of educational level, but does have 22 years of experience in school finance.”

The board then moved unanimously to adjourn.

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